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Plastic surgical procedure offers with the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of bodily defects of shape or feature related to the skin, musculoskeletal system, cranio and maxillofacial structures, hand, extremities, breast and trunk, and external genitalia. It uses aesthetic surgical principles not only to improve undesirable qualities of normal structures but in all reconstructive procedures as well.  Competency in plastic surgical operation implies a unique aggregate of primary understanding, surgical judgment, technical knowledge, ethics, and interpersonal abilities that allows you to reap first-rate affected person relationships and problem decision.


India’s top rated plastic surgeon- Dr. Rashmi Taneja 

Dr. Rashmi Taneja is a certified plastic surgeon providing a full service cosmetic plastic surgery practice in India. Her practice makes a specialty of beauty breast reduction and breast enhancement surgical operation, body contouring, facial aesthetics surgical treatment and non-surgical injectable procedures. Dr. Rashmi Taneja’s patients are mostly from referrals from happy patients and trusted physicians who have seen her results.  This is a true reflection of Dr. Rashmi Taneja’s experience and her dedication to achieve superior results.  She is dedicated to provide an exceptional and memorable experience at each and every visit from your initial phone call to all your post-operative visits. Dr. Rashmi Taneja philosophy is quite simple. She combines her expert knowledge of beauty and anatomy with meticulous surgical and non-surgical techniques to help her patients look their best.

Trust your face to the experts Dr. Rashmi Taneja in India

Indian cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Rashmi Taneja best female plastic surgeon of India, is widely regarded as an expert plastic surgeon known for being technically gifted and meticulous by nature. She prides herself on using proven modern techniques to enhance the beauty and confidence of her patients. Her warm and comforting demeanor reflects her sensitivity to the needs of her patients.  Dr. Rashmi Taneja plastic surgeon in Delhi is frequently called upon by media outlets, news agencies, and magazines for her opinion as an expert plastic surgeon. Internationally trained Indian plastic and reconstructive medical professional best recognized for her:

  1. Effects and excellent affected person care and before/after pictures
  2. Innovative approach to plastic surgery
  3. Up to date on the most recent and best surgical techniques.

With Dr. Rashmi Taneja be your best self in India

Dr. Rashmi Taneja female plastic surgeon Fortis Hospital personally performs all surgeries and non-surgical procedures in her practice. Every aspect of pre-operative planning is discussed between patient and surgeon. Every follow up visit is also performed by Dr. Rashmi Taneja alone. Her focus is optimizing patient care and safety to achieve the best plastic surgery results.

Her goal is to apply her surgical and artistic expertise to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. She is committed to deliver highest quality care in a safe, secure, and optimally equipped facility. Through her emphasis on patient education and collaboration, she enables patients to make informed decisions. Dr. Rashmi Taneja the best female plastic surgeon of India at Fortis Hospital Delhi makes you look beautiful continually incorporates advances within the field and brings a feminine and fresh perspective to plastic surgery. 


Why cosmetic and obesity surgery service India

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